Professional Home Inspections Performed by ASHI Certified Inspectors

If you are considering the purchase of a specific home, or have been living at the same address for some time, and want to uncover any hidden issues, a Housebusters home inspection will provide peace of mind. Housebusters Inc.’s ASHI* certified home inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of the premises and provide a detailed written report. Our many testimonials will assure you that "we work FOR our CLIENTS" so you can make decisions with confidence regarding your “dream” home.

Our inspection will inform you about any issues, their causes, and how these can be remediated, if necessary. While performing the inspection we welcome questions to help you learn more about your future or current house. At the conclusion of the inspection we will discuss an overview of the house, and provide a range of value for the cost of the repairs. Most important our certified home inspector will provide projections so you’ll know which major or minor expense must be addressed immediately, those that must be resolved within three years, or within the next five years

Buying a Home? Insist on a Housebusters Inc. Certified Home Inspector

Housebusters Inc. ASHI-certified inspectors provide an in-depth home review. We do much more than flip light switches and flush toilets. At the conclusion of a Housebusters inspection you will have extensive knowledge about the house you are about to purchase or need to continue to maintain.

Call or schedule an appointment online today. For your peace of mind and a thorough home inspection, call (800) 847-3500.

*American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI):

Is a not-for-profit organization that builds consumer awareness and enhances professionalism in the industry. ASHI’s strict code of ethics and high standards require continuing education and training of all its members. When you are considering having a home inspection performed, consider only an ASHI-Certified inspector.

Our Certified Home Inspectors

Our inspectors are subject-matter experts in simple construction issues and highly complex litigation. We assist in resolving differences through detailed reports, and mediation of construction problems, as well as provide expert testimony when unresolved structural problems progress to a court of law. Additionally, Housebusters Inc.’s inspectors are "proctors" who provide national training that teaches individuals to become Home Inspectors and Energy Auditors throughout the United States.

Charles Roskovensky - Charles is a former General Contractor with a career that spans nearly 50 years from 1966. He has designed, constructed or renovated houses, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. Charles has extensive knowledge of homeowner’s environmental concerns. These include mold, radon, asbestos, lead paint, phase one environmental, septic, well water bacteria testing as well as EIFS inspections. Among his many certifications, Charles is an ASHI Nationally Certified Home Inspector, a National Trainer and Auditor with the Building Performance Institute. He is also a National Trainer for the National Association of the Home Builders.

He has also provided Energy Training for the West Virginia Division of Energy throughout the State of West Virginia including training West Virginia Code Officials and West Virginia Home Builders.

Tom Shusko - Thomas Shusko has been a registered professional engineer in the state of West Virginia for over 30 years. In addition, he has completed over 1,000 inspections as a past member of ASHI. He is also certified in mold inspections and testing and has held BPI certifications as a Building Analyst and Proctor.