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2 Biggest Falsehoods in Real Estate Today

We’ve been in the real estate industry a long time. We started our career in residential, industrial and commercial construction before becoming a home inspector. We have seen it all and heard it all.

Today, you may hear two statements that are clearly false:

  1. You don’t need a home inspection in today’s market!
  2. A home inspection will only delay the home-buying process!

Each of these statements is false. Let us explain.


Yes, you need a home inspection!

First of all, a home inspection protects YOU. A home inspection provides the home buyer with an impartial assessment of the home’s condition. Our experience tells us that when someone encourges the home buyer to NOT have a home inspection, you might want to be leery. It may be because there’s an issue in the home. It may be a major foundation issue or a mold issue. More often than not, there’s an issue that needs addressed.

Imagine buying a used car for $20,000 or even $30,000 and the buyer encouraging you NOT to take the car to YOUR trusted mechanic. Would you wonder if the buyer is trying to hide a major engine or transmission issue with the car? Of course you would.

Our advice is to always schedule a home inspection. Not only will a thorough home inspection protect you from potentially making a terrible buying decision, but it will also provide you with more information about the home, including routine maintenance and safety information (i.e., utility cutoffs, etc.).


A home inspection can be done quickly

The second statement — that a home inspection will delay the home-buying process — is also false. Housebusters typically performs a home inspection within 24-48 hours of your initial call, and provides you with your completed report within another 24-48 hours. That means if you call on a Monday morning, we will typically have the completed report back to you by Wednesday or Thursday, Friday at the latest.

As one can easily see, a home inspection does not slow the home-buying process.


Contact Housebusters to learn more!

Please feel free to call Housebusters at 1-800-847-3500. Learn how you can take advantage of our extensive experience when buying a home. Plus, you can schedule all of your needed home inspections and tests (i.e., home inspection, septic test, well water test, radon test, indoor air quality sampling, etc.) by calling us or by scheduling online!


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