"My husband and I are second time new construction home buyers. This second time around we had experienced lots of different issues with the building process. Being in the medical fields, neither one of us had true knowledge on what goes into building a 3.0 Star Energy Efficiency, a home to code, and a home free of condensation. The best advice our friends had given us was to contact Charles with Housebusters. He was very informative throughout the last 3 months of our building process. He educated us on the steps necessary to manage and to assure our basement was free of mold. I was given the tools and knowledge to assure our builder was addressing the problems in the appropriate manner. At the time of our final home inspection, Charles performed a thorough job and took every time to educate me on my home. He was extremely knowledgeable in heating and cooling system, in the process to build a 3.0 energy efficient home, and in building standard codes. Charles displayed an eye for inspecting new homes. He pointed things out that I initially would not have noticed. Charles is very professional and worth every cost when it comes to new home inspection. With his training, advice, and knowledge, my husband and I will be closing on a home that will meet the building standards and codes to live in a 3.0 energy star efficiency home. I would strongly recommend contacting Charles. He exceeded our expectations of a home inspector. Both my husband and I deeply express our gratitude to Charles."

Thank You,

Jennifer Barcinas

"I am a first time home buyer, so this whole experience has been an education. My realtor highly recommended, Charles Rovensky of Housebusters, Inc., She could not have recommended anyone better for me. Charles was very personable and informative on the entire home inspection process. We walked through every step and process of the inspection process, plus he went through the energy efficiency of the home, to give me a truly better understanding of how I can make the house better and more efficient in the future. Charles is a truly professional Inspector and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house, whether a first time home purchase or a 'seasoned' home owner."

Thanks Charles.