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Your one stop shop!

Housebusters is your “one stop shop” for all inspections and tests needed when purchasing a home.

Need or want a home inspection? We can perform this for you.

Do you need a test performed on your septic system to ensure it is working properly? We can do that, too.

Is the well water in the home you’re buying safe to drink? Yes, we can perform a well water test to ensure it is safe for your family.

Are you concerned about indoor air quality or mold? Yes, we can even perform indoor air quality sampling to tell you exactly what your family will be breathing in the home! Plus, we offer a free mold assessment with every home inspection!

Do you want a radon test performed or need a pest inspection? Yes, we can perform those tests and inspections for you, too!


Contact Housebusters!

No matter what inspection or test you need or want when buying a home, Housebusters is your one stop shop!

Call us at 1-800-847-3500 to schedule. You can even book online!

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