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Do You Have A ‘Real’ Office?

Earlier this week, we were asked by a potential client, “Do you have a real office?” The client told us that after talking with us he actually drove by our office early one morning to ensure that we are a “real business.”

After this question was asked, we realized that most home inspectors don’t have an office other than perhaps a small desk in the corner of their homes.  Many don’t even have a desk; they work out of their vehicles.  Unlike these home inspectors, most of whom only work part-time, Housebusters has a real office to serve our valued clients.

Our office is located at 909 Johnson Avenue in Bridgeport and is an integral part of our residence.  Located in a an area separate from the living area, our office includes three desks and three high-speed computers with a total of  seven large screen monitors to write and review reports,  to answer client calls and, ultimately, to serve our customers.  We are also an approved BPI training center with proctors in South Carolina, California, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


What do you get with Housebusters?

  • We have a full-time office manager to ensure our clients receive exemplary service.
  • We have an engineer on staff to handle our clients’ engineering needs.
  • We employ a part-time social media/marketing manager to not only respond to clients’ requests but also to help educate clients about issues affecting their homes.
  • We have a robust website that allows our clients to pay invoices securely via credit card, to schedule inspection services online or to download inspection reports.
  • We have a robust Facebook page that allows us to connect with our valued clients and potential clients.
  • We are also very active on Linkedin and Google Plus, allowing us to connect with and educate our clients.

As one can see, yes we have a “real” office!


Why Choose A Full-Time Home Inspection Company with An Office?

The advantages of choosing a full-time home inspection company are numerous:

  • Prices are typically lower than competitors’.
  • Your inspection is typically performed within a day or two of your initial call and you receive your completed report within a couple of days.
  • Your receive a thorough inspection and a detailed inspection report.
  • Your calls are answered and questions are answered.
  • Your inspector is able to perform multiple inspection services during a single visit to the home, minimizing your inconvenience and saving you money.


Housebusters Inspection Services, the area’s most experienced inspection services company, is proud to be a real company.  We provide exemplary service to our valued clients. Call Housebusters today at 800-847-3500 to learn more — or you can learn more by going to our website. 







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