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Part-time or Full Time Inspector?

Imagine being told that you need an operation that will determine your health and overall happiness for the next few decades.  Would you select a surgeon to perform your operation who does this “as a side job,” or would you want to select a skilled, very experienced professional to perform your surgery?

The answer is very simple.  When your health and happiness are at stake, you will want a skilled professional — not someone who might do this work only a few hours a week!

The same premise applies to home inspectors.  Today, there are a lot of people performing home inspections who do this work as their “second job.”  Most of these inspectors are good people, but can anyone really be knowledgeable about new building technologies and ever-changing building codes if he or she does this work as a part-time, evening or weekend job?

The answer clearly is no.  Being a home inspector is a full-time job, one that requires more than the absolute minimum continuing education credits to stay current with changing building technologies and codes.


Our advice is simple.  Before hiring any inspector:

  • Ask if the person does this work full-time or part-time
  • Check online reviews
  • Ask the inspector about his or her qualifications and experience


Five or 10 minutes is all it requires to determine if the inspector you are talking with is an experienced, skilled professional, or someone who does this work as a “side job.”  When purchasing a home, which will likely be your family’s largest investment, you will want an experienced, skilled professional to perform your home inspection and other inspection services.

After all, a home buying mistake can cost your family tens of thousands of dollars and negatively affect your health for decades!




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