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Purchasing a Home with Your Eyes Wide Open

Are you purchasing a home with your “eyes wide open?”

Nearly every month we perform inspections for homeowners who have paid for inspections performed by other for previous purchases.  Invariably, these homeowners are AMAZED at the level of detail  we provide and the great care we take compared to their previous inspectors.

Typically, we identify a few issues that  likely weren’t identified in their previous reports.  We  also take the time to help homeowners prioritize repair projects and we even provide them with an idea of the cost of these repairs, based on our extensive construction and inspection experience.  When we are completed, homeowners usually say that they still would have purchased the home given all they know now, but that our thorough inspection and detailed reports will help them to save money, time and a lot of work in the years to come.  Knowledge is power!

A home inspection isn’t performed just to find “problems.”  The truth is that there are minor issues with nearly every home.  A quality, experienced inspector can help potential home buyers learn more about their homes — and prioritize repairs and upgrades to their homes.

When buying a home, ask for — no demand — that your home inspector answer all of your questions and helps you to prioritize repairs and upgrades so you can purchase a home with your eyes wide open!


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