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Quick Inspection vs. Long-term Investment

When you select Housebusters to perform your home inspection, you just don’t receive a “quick inspection.” When using Housebusters, your inspection becomes a long-term investment for you and your family.

Many home inspectors perform quick, less-than-thorough inspections. Many buyers never even meet their home inspector.

That’s not how Housebusters does business.

We want to meet you. We want you to attend your home inspection so you can ask any questions. We want you to learn more about your home. We want to help you learn where safety features such as utility cut-offs are located. We want to help you learn more about the regular maintenance you will need to perform on your home.  And if you’re planning to add square footage, we can help.  We want to share a little of our decades of construction experience to help you begin planning your future addition. After all, you’re our valued client!

And even after you’ve received your inspection report, we’re still available to answer questions.  We’ve received phone calls from clients months and even years after their inspection.  We always try to help our clients.

Housebusters is different — in a good way.  That’s why we’ve performed over 15,000 inspections since 1990 and why so many of our clients have utilized our services multiple times.  No matter what inspection services you need — from a home inspection to a well water test, a septic test and everything in between — we can perform them all for you. And no matter what loan program you’re using to finance your home — from FHA to VA, HUD and even 203(k) — we can perform all your needed inspections!

Call us at 800-847-3500 or you can schedule online.


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