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Advice for Home Buyers

If I were to make one recommendation to anyone purchasing a home it would be this:  Check online reviews for EVERYONE who is helping you with your home purchase!

Nearly everyone today spends several minutes if not hours checking online reviews when purchasing a $750 refrigerator or a $500 television. Shouldn’t you use a lot more care when purchasing a $250,000 home? Rather than accepting the recommendation of only one person when selecting your realtor, mortgage loan officer or home inspector, check online reviews (i.e., Google, Facebook) to see the recommendations and comments from DOZENS of people!

In today’s world, don’t be scared off by a single bad review. But if you see a pattern of terrible or mediocre reviews, this should be your sign NOT to use this professional! And if you don’t see a lot of  online reviews, this could be a sign, too — that this professional has not served a lot of clients.

Purchasing a home will likely be the largest purchase in your lifetime. You deserve the very best service and professionalism from those who will support you in your home buying experience!

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