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Learning about mold

Mold is naturally occurring and has been on this earth longer than man.  At some point, though, man developed allergies to mold, just as man developed allergies to pollen, fungus and other substances.


When is mold a problem in a home?

Unless you or family members have allergies to mold and mold has become airborne, mold is not an issue in your home.  When mold has become airborne it could have a severe impact on your health.


How can you tell if mold is present in your home?

Housebusters provides a free mold assessment with EVERY home inspection.  If we  see mold or strongly suspect mold is present and you have allergies or allergy symptoms, we may suggest  that you have air samples taken in your home to determine if mold is airborne, as well  as the types of molds and the levels of mold present in the air you’re breathing.


Why not order a mold swab test?

A mold swab probably does more to scare homeowners and potential home buyers than to calm fears or provide clients with helpful information.  If a home inspector asks to perform a mold swab, he or she KNOWS mold is present.  A swab costs additional money and only indicates the types of mold present, whether it is active or inactive and the levels of mold present — in a ONE SQUARE INCH AREA.


Again, mold is never an issue in a home unless it has become airborne.  Only air samples can tell you if you are actually breathing mold in your home.


Is costly mold remediation  always necessary?

Even if mold is found in your home, costly remediation isn’t always necessary.  Unless you have more than 10 square feet of mold present, homeowners can clean up the mold themselves.  In fact the EPA provides helpful information on its website to help homeowners.


A few home inspectors will scare homeowners by noting that they found mold, but their inspection reports are not specific enough to truly HELP homeowners.  They only scare homeowners and potential buyers. and typically direct homeowners to call a mold remediation company, which isn’t always necessary.


Housebusters will identify where the mold was found, how much mold was found and the appropriate next steps – which may be nothing more than  homeowners cleaning the mold themselves as per EPA instructions.


Free mold assessment with every home inspection!

Housebusters provides a free mold assessment with our home inspections – at no additional charge.  When we  perform a mold assessment, we also  identify  the underlying reasons for mold growth and will share ways to prevent this growth.  You can trust Housebusters to perform thorough inspections, to help you learn more about your home, including what to do if mold is found.  At Housebusters, our goal isn’t to scare homeowners and potential home buyers or to charge them more than is necessary to identify issues, but to educate and inform our  valued clients, while minimizing costs.

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