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Are You Thinking about Buying an Older or Historic Home?

If you’re thinking about purchasing an older (50 years or older) or historic home, you will want to select a home inspector who has extensive experience with older homes and has completed exhaustive research and training to understand the building practices of 50, 100, 200 and even 300 years ago.

Housebusters’ Charles Roskovensky has actually taught home inspectors across the country how homes were built in previous eras!

As a result, Housebusters should be your number one choice  if you’re considering the purchase of an older or historic home anywhere in north central West Virginia or southwestern Pennsylvania!

Not only do we know all of the current codes, but we also understand codes applicable to when older homes were first constructed as well as the construction practices used in previous centuries.  As an example, while the mortar on older homes may be an area of concern, the fact is that the mortar in older homes may actually be superior to the mortar used in homes today, depending on the line content of the mortar.  The quality of mortar is just one of the features we thoroughly inspect for our valued clients, who may be considering the purchase of an older home.

Purchasing a historic home can come with its own challenges, which is why you will want to select a qualified, very experienced home inspector  to perform your home inspection!

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