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What Do We Hear from Clients?

In about three decades of work as a home inspector, we have performed nearly 15,000 inspections!  What do we commonly hear from our clients?

From first-time clients

“We’ve used other home inspectors, but Housebusters’ inspection was the best, most thorough home inspection we’ve ever had!  We will never use anyone else ever again.”

Our clients are amazed that our inspections and reports are more detailed than other inspectors’ — and we take the time to explain everything to our clients.


From repeat clients

“I would never use any inspection company other than Housebusters!  I have used them multiple times now and would never use anyone else!”

After using Housebusters one time, our clients typically tell us that they would never choose anyone else for their inspections.  We have a lot of repeat clients!


From first-time home buyers

“Charles Roskovensky talked to me like a beloved family member or parent.  Charles walked with me through the home as he performed the inspection.  I learned so much.  He answered all of my questions and shared a lot of his knowledge about home construction and maintenance with me.

We treat first-time home buyers with special care, encouraging them to attend their home inspection and patiently taking time to explain how to perform routine maintenance and to answer all of their questions.


From clients buying older or historic homes

“Charles’ level of knowledge and experience is unmatched.  We called several inspectors and no one we talked with even came close to Charles in terms of his knowledge about older and historic homes.”

We have done extensive research on older and historic homes to understand construction methods used in previous eras.


From clients experiencing indoor air quality or mold issues

“We checked with several inspectors and no one had the extensive knowledge or experience of Charles Roskovensky.   In southwestern Pennsylvania and north central West Virginia, no one understands mold and indoor air quality issues like Charles! He saved us a lot of money on mold remediation because he shared how we could clean up the mold ourselves!”

Unlike most home inspectors, we have taken numerous courses to understand mold, indoor air quality and other healthy home issues, so we can share this expertise with our clients.


From clients hoping to add square footage to their homes

“Charles took the time to help us understand how we can add on to our home in the future, what it might cost, and how to have this construction performed in a manner that can help us to save thousands.”

We utilize our extensive construction experience to help our clients understand how to add square footage onto their homes in the most cost-efficient manner.


From clients hoping to make their homes more energy efficient

“Charles is a former national energy trainer so he helped us to understand how to save money on our energy bills.  Some of his suggestions cost us very few dollars, but saved us hundreds of dollars on our energy bills each year!  

We share our experience as a national energy trainer to help our clients understand how to make their homes tighter and more energy efficient.  We love helping our clients save money!


We would welcome the opportunity to serve you, too.  You can even book our services online!

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