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Contact the Indoor Air Quality Experts at Housebusters!

Do you have concerns about your family’s indoor air quality?

Do you think that you or members of your family may be breathing mold that is causing serious health issues?

Because of allergy and asthma issues in your family, do you require a home inspection that will thoroughly address issues that might affect you and your family’s indoor air quality?

Contact Housebusters!

Our goal isn’t to scare homeowners and home buyers, but to educate and inform them!

In addition:

We always search for the least-expensive, most-effective strategies to improve the indoor air quality for our valued clients!

Not only does Housebusters provide a free mold assessment with every home inspection, but we can also sample the air (additional cost) you are breathing in your home.  Following this testing, which follows a strict protocol to ensure accurate results, we provide our valued clients with a detailed report!  Our report discusses the types and levels of allergens found inside the home compared to the outside environment.  We discuss results with our clients, helping them to understand the health impacts (if any) for them and their families, as well as what they can do to mitigate any issues we might have found through our in depth testing.

Mitigation strategies we discuss with our clients may include steps as simple and inexpensive as:

  • Cleaning up the mold themselves (Yes, homeowners can clean up small amounts of mold themselves according to EPA guidelines!)
  • Upgrading the air filter on the home’s HVAC system to remove more allergens from the air.
  • Operating the fan on the HVAC system to continuously filter the air in order to improve indoor air quality.

While many home inspectors do more to scare homeowners and potential home buyers, Housebusters strives every day to educate and inform our valued clients, while using our extensive experience and expertise to help them save money!

Call Housebusters at 800-847-3500 to learn more or to schedule a home inspection with a free mold assessment.  You can also schedule with us online!




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