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Get MORE with Housebusters!

Do you want to schedule a home inspection for a home you’re buying?

Yes, we can perform your home inspection. But you will receive so much more than just an inspection report from Housebusters!

First of all, we encourage you to attend your home inspection. You can walk with us through the home as we perform your inspection.  We will patiently take the time to answer all of your questions!  We will show you the safety features of the home, including the utility cutoffs.  We will discuss what regular maintenance will need to be performed, such as changing the filters and cleaning the gutters.   We will discuss the HOW and WHY of this regular maintenance.

In addition to talking with you about this regular maintenance, we will share our expertise to help you plan for when major repairs might need to be made in the future.  When might a new roof or new HVAC system might be needed — and how much these repairs might cost you and your family so you can budget for them?  We happy to share this type of information with you. so you can be an educated, informed home buyer.

You will walk away from your inspection with significantly more knowledge about your home!

If you are thinking about adding, renovating or upgrading your home in the future, we will share some of our construction expertise with you.  We will help you to understand how you might want to have this work completed in the most cost-efficient manner and in a way that will maximize energy efficiency in your home.  In just a few minutes, we can help you to save you hours of research and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

We are happy to share some of our decades of construction, design and energy efficiency experience to help you save money and time!

As part of your inspection, we will also provide a free mold assessment.  We will search for signs of biological growth during our inspection, as well as the reasons for this growth.  We will also share low-cost ways to prevent future mold growth, such as changing the landscaping to prevent water from entering through your foundation walls.  If we believe mold is present and you or members of your family suffer from severe allergies or asthma, we may recommend additional testing.  While indoor air sampling costs extra, this will provide you with information about which allergens and levels of allergens are present in the air you are breathing every day.  In most cases, even if mold is found, homeowners can clean this up themselves, according to EPA guidelines, potentially saving them thousands in remediation costs.  Yes, we share this information with our clients!

We always search for the most effective, lowest-cost solutions! Our goal isn’t to scare our clients, but to educate, inform and actually help them!

In many cases, homeowners can improve their indoor air quality dramatically by changing the filter in their heating or cooling system and running the blower motor continuously to filter the air inside the home.  Yes, we can even help our clients choose the best filter for their home based on manufacturer’s specifications, energy efficiency and the indoor air quality needs of your family!

If you’re thinking about buying an older or historic home, Housebusters should be your number one choice to perform your home inspection in southwestern Pennsylvania or north central West Virginia.  We have done extensive research on construction methods used in previous eras and likely understand these homes better than any other inspection services company in the region.

Housebusters likes to give back, too.  We offer a discount to active military, veterans, police and other first responders every day of the year for every one of the services we provide.  There’s no need to wait for Veterans Day to take advantage of this discount.  Call any day.  When calling or booking online, ask about this money-saving discount!

As a full-time inspection services company, we can perform all of the inspection services you need to purchase a home. Do you need a home inspection and a pest inspection?  We can perform both of these services for you!  Do you need a home inspection, a well water test and a manufactured home foundation certification?  Yes, we can perform all of those services for you!  Do you need a home inspection, a mold test and a radon test?  Yes, we can perform all of these inspection services for you!

No matter which inspection service you need when buying a home or which loan program (i.e., 203(k), VA, HUD, FHA) you’re using to purchase the home, you can schedule all of your inspection services with Housebusters!

Call us at 800-847-3500 or book online! We work hard every day to exceed our clients’ expectations!

As a full-time inspection services company that has performed 15,000 inspections since 1990, we want to be your number one choice for home inspections and other inspection services!


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