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Dream Home or Nightmare?

When purchasing a home, buyers often focus on the updated features and appealing amenities of a home, without taking a deeper, more in depth examination of the home’s construction and systems.

This is why home buyers should always hire a quality, experienced and very thorough home inspector — to help them understand if the home they’re buying will truly be their “dream home,” or a will become a “nightmare” that will require extensive, costly repairs and maintenance.

Even if the home requires repairs (no home is “perfect”), a quality, experienced home inspector can help buyers understand how to make these repairs in the most-effective, least costly way.


Inexperienced Home Inspectors

Inexperienced, less-than-thorough home inspectors typically answer only two key questions for buyers through their inspections:

  • Is the home safe and properly constructed?
  • Are the systems in the home working adequately?

These home inspectors often don’t want buyers to attend their home inspections because that would require additional time and effort.


Experienced Home Inspectors Who Care about Their Clients

Experienced home inspectors with extensive construction experience, will often answer many more questions for buyers, in addition to the questions above:

  • Are there any systems in the home that will need to be replaced in the coming years?
  • How much might these repairs cost?
  • Are there issues in the home that will need to be addressed immediately?
  • Are there issues in the home that will need to be addressed in the coming years?
  • What is the least costly, most-effective way to address these issues?
  • If you are planning to add on to your home in the coming years, what might be the most cost-effective way to do this?
  • Are there signs of mold in the home?
  • How should these potential mold issues be addressed?

These home inspectors actually encourage buyers to attend their home inspections, because they are happy to share their expertise with buyers.


As one can easily see, all home inspectors are not the same!



Dream Home or Nightmare?

Will the home you’re buying be your family’s “dream home,” or will it be a “nightmare” of unexpected, very costly repairs?  Your choice of a home inspector will likely determine the answer!

Feel free to contact Housebusters at 800-847-3500 or click here to book online!  We are always happy to answer questions from clients and potential clients!



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