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All Home Inspectors Are Not Equal!

Home Inspectors Are Not Equal!
Earlier this week, we performed a home inspection for a client buying a home. A few years earlier, the client had used another  home inspector and was clearly AMAZED at the Housebusters’ difference.

While the other inspector had provided a check-list type of report, Housebusters provided him with a VERY detailed narrative report.

The previous inspector had performed a quick visual inspection at the home, but Housebusters required more than two hours to perform a THOROUGH inspection.
In the previous inspection, the other inspector had pointed out a few major issues in the home and suggested that other professionals be brought in to help the client further investigate these issues. Based on 40 years of construction and inspection experience, Housebusters identified both minor and major issues and suggested repair methods, estimated the cost for these repairs and helped this client prioritize these projects.
While the previous inspector had handed this client an inspection report, Housebusters took the time to answer all of his questions, explain in detail what was found, and had the report back to him within 24 hours — only after thoroughly reviewing dozens of pictures taken throughout the home.
What this buyer didn’t see was that this other  home inspector simply took a course and paid $100 to become a home inspector, while Housebusters’ Charles Roskovensky took a similar course decades ago, paid the same $100 but also invested the time and money to become a nationally-certified American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Inspector — the best of the best. In addition, this client didn’t realize that Charles participates in a number of training courses and seminars every year to remain current with the latest codes and building sciences.
On the surface, all home inspectors may appear to be the same, but there are HUGE differences in terms of training, certifications, attention to detail and commitment to their profession.
Please feel free to call Housebusters Inspection Services at 304-933-6422 or 800-847-3500 if you have any questions about our training and certifications or want to schedule one of our inspection services!

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