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Free Mold Assessment with Every Home Inspection!

Housebusters is proud to be able to offer a free mold assessment with every home inspection!

What does this free mold assessment entail?

  • We inspect the home to determine if conditions are favorable for mold growth (i.e., moisture intrusion or high humidity).
  • We search for signs of visible biological growth that could be mold.
  • We provide advice about how our clients can make cost-effective repairs to reduce the possibility of mold growth.

Only if we suspect mold is present will we suggest that our clients pay for additional mold testing.  Our mold testing will compare indoor air quality to an outdoor air  control sample to determine if mold is growing inside the home or is present in the environment outside the home and infiltrating the home through normal air exchange.  Our air sampling protocol provides homeowners with detailed information about the types and levels of mold present in air inside the home.

Even if mold is found, Housebusters will provide our valued clients with recommendations to remediate the mold.  In most cases, our clients can clean up mold themselves, as per instructions from the EPA, often saving them thousands of dollars in costly mold remediation.

At Housebusters, our goal isn’t to scare our valued clients, but to educate and inform them, helping them to make informed home buying decisions!

Call us at 800-847-3500 to schedule a home inspection or for answers to questions you might have about mold!



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