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Notice a Musty Smell?

If you notice a strong musty smell  or experience allergic or asthmatic symptoms when walking into a home you’re thinking about buying, mold may be present.

Mold requires  two things to grow — moisture and organic material.  If water or moisture in present inside the home (i.e., seeping through exterior walls or into the crawl space), mold will use the  home’s organic material  (i.e., wood inside the home or paper on dry wall) to grow and thrive.  That musty smell  or allergic reactions could be  strong evidence that mold may be growing.

Fortunately for home buyers, Housebusters provides a free mold assessment with every home inspection.  As part of your home inspection, we will examine the home to determine if excess moisture is present , where it may be coming from  — and we will also recommend how to stop it from infiltrating your home.

If we believe mold is present because of excess moisture or visible signs of potential mold growth, we may suggest that you have air samples taken inside the home to determine  the levels and types of mold present in indoor air.  Housebusters performs these air quality tests at an additional cost.

Even if mold is found inside the home, home buyers should not panic.   In most cases, mold can be cleaned up by homeowners themselves, according to EPA guidelines.

At Housebusters, our goal isn’t to scare potential home buyers, but to educate and inform them so they can make informed buying decisions!   Trust Housebusters to take the time to answer all of your questions whenever we perform a home inspection for you and your family!



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