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Knowledge is power!

Whether you’re buying a home or having a home built, knowledge is power.

Let us provide a few examples so you will learn more about why having a little more knowledge can save you money.


How can a home inspector’s knowledge can save you money?

During a recent home inspection, we noticed a small area of mold growing in the attic area of a home. The homeowner was surprised that instead of just noting this in our report, we also discussed why this was occurring. We also shared how the homeowner could clean up the mold and prevent it from reoccurring.

In just the past few days, we talked with a friend who is building a home on the water near the coast in North Carolina. He shared the specs of the home with us. We immediately noticed that the specs were missing how the builder would ensure the building envelope would be sealed to prevent air infiltration, which is required by code. Knowing where the home would be located, we knew that this would be vitally important to ensure lower energy bills.

When we perform home inspections, we routinely share the most cost-effective methods to improve the energy efficiency of the home. As a former general contractor and national trainer for energy efficiency, we understand how homeowners can see the biggest bang for their hard-earned dollars.

Home buyers who are looking ahead often ask how they can add square footage to their homes. Because of our extensive construction background, we can provide keen insight that can often save our clients thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in construction and energy costs.

When we notice issues in homes, we discuss how these issues can be addressed with the home buyers. To Housebusters, it isn’t sufficient to just point out issues in homes. We want to help home buyers understand how these issues can be addressed in the most cost-effective way. Our goal has never been to scare prospective buyers, but to educate and inform them.

After all, knowledge is power.


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