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You can count on Housebusters!

In the past year, the real estate market has changed quite dramatically. Whether you’re building or buying a home, you can expect to pay more for your home. You can also expect delays because of the tremendous demand and backlogs caused by the shutdowns.

There is one thing you can count on that has remained constant. You can count on Housebusters!

Housebusters will typically perform your inspection within 24-48 hours of your initial call to schedule. And after your home inspection is completed, we work hard to have your inspection report back to you within another 48 hours. (We often send our completed reports back to clients the very next day!)

In this world of uncertainty, you can count on Housebusters! While you may experience other delays, you will not experience them with Housebusters. We can perform all of your needed inspection and testing services when you buy a home. And we will perform them quickly!

Call us at 800-847-3500 to schedule. You can also book online!





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