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Little-known Facts about American Independence

On July 4th, America will celebrate its birthday. In honor of this important day, we thought we would share a few little-known facts about American independence.

  • At the start of the war in 1775, few colonists were in favor of a complete separation from Great Britain. In fact, those who did were considered to be radicals.
  • By the middle of 1776, though, more colonists were in favor of breaking away from Great Britain.
  • Founding Father John Adams actually believed July 2nd would be celebrated as “Independence Day,” since that was the day our Continental Congress voted in favor of independence.  (July 4th was the day the Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence.)
  • Only John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th.
  • The first July 4th celebration was held in Philadelphia on July 4th, 1777, and featured a 13-cannon salute to the original colonies.
  • Two key Founding Fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, died the same day, July 4, 1826, on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which they both signed.
  • July 4th didn’t become an official paid federal holiday until 1941.
  • A higher percentage of our population died in the Revolutionary War than any other war in our nation’s history.
  • Our flag has changed quite a bit, especially in the first few years of our country.

Learn more about America’s independence by going to:  History of the Fourth of July or 20 Fun Facts about the 4th of July. You can learn more about the history of “Old Glory,” our nation’s flag by going to:

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