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Making Your Real Estate Dreams Come True in 2020

No matter what your real estate dreams might be for 2020, you can trust Housebusters to help you achieve them.


Purchasing a Home

Are you planning to purchase a home in 2020?  If so, Housebusters is a comprehensive inspection services company, which means that with one call to 800-847-3500 you can schedule all of the inspections needed to purchase your home. No matter what inspection service you need performed when buying a home in north central West Virginia or southwestern Pennsylvania, we can perform all of them for you, typically with a single trip to the home.

We perform thorough inspections and typically schedule them within 24-48 hours of your initial call — and have your report back to you within another 24 hours.  Now that’s service!


Indoor Air Quality Issues/Mold

Are you concerned about mold or indoor air quality issues at your home?  Would you like to ensure your family is breathing the cleanest, healthiest indoor air possible in 2020?  Housebusters not only provides a free mold assessment with every home inspection, but we also perform indoor air sampling to help you determine what your family is breathing every day.  Housebusters is proud to “go the extra mile” for our clients, helping them to not only understand why and where mold is growing, but also to develop cost-effective solutions to address indoor air quality issues.  Believe it or not, most mold issues can be addressed by homeowners themselves without costly mold remediation!



Are you planning to add on to your home in 2020?  Housebusters can help with this, too.  Our extensive experience in construction allows us to be a trusted renovation and construction consultant, helping clients to plan projects that are energy-efficient, structurally-sound and cost-effective.


Building a New Home

Are you planning to build a new home in 2020?  Housebusters can assist with that, too.  We perform construction stage inspections for new home construction, ensuring that all work is performed according to the latest codes and to our clients’ expectations every step of the way.  If you’re building a home, you will want to ensure that it is being built well — by having a trusted, experienced inspector check the work.


Quality Development

And if you’re a quality builder who wants to ensure potential buyers that your homes are of the highest quality, why not select Housebusters to perform stage inspections and provide a detailed report to buyers?  We have been selected by a number of quality builders over the years to perform these stage inspections, adding that extra stamp of quality to their homes.


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No matter what your real estate dreams might be for 2020, Housbusters can help!

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