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“OK” Isn’t Good Enough

We’ve all seen the television commercials in which a customer or client asks about the ability of someone providing a service, whether it’s an interpreter, a surgeon or a vehicle mechanic.

They hear, “He’s OK,” which generates a genuine look of concern on the face of the customer or client. The message is very clear in this advertisement:  “OK” or average ability just isn’t good enough when you’re spending money — or the health and safety of those you love are at risk.

At Housebusters, we feel that an “OK” or very quick inspection isn’t sufficient when our clients are spending tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars purchasing a home.  We don’t believe that an “OK” inspection is sufficient when the health and safety of our clients’ families are at risk when purchasing a home.

  • This is why we provide a free mold assessment with every home inspection.
  • This is why our reports contain detailed information about the age and condition of the various systems in a home.
  • This is why we look beyond what we see occurring in the home right now to help our clients understand the types of repairs they can expect to make in the coming years.
  • This is also why we encourage our clients to attend their home inspections so that they have the opportunity to ask questions as we inspect the home.
  • This is why we point out utility cut-offs and talk to our clients about routine maintenance they can perform to make their homes and its systems last as long as possible.

When purchasing a home — which will  likely be your family’s largest investment — you deserve much more than just an “OK” or average inspection.  You deserve a thorough inspection and an inspector who will patiently take the time to help you learn more about your home.

You deserve Housebusters!






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