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Thank You for Your Service!

Housebusters is proud to offer a 5% discount to those who serve us — from active military (including National Guard) to veterans and first responders, including state and local police as well as volunteer and paid firefighters.

This discount is applied to every single service we provide every single day of the year.

Schedule a home inspection, septic inspection, well water test, pest inspection and a mold test with Housebusters — receive 5% off every single inspection service!

Not just on Veterans Day.

Not just on Memorial Day.

Not just on a holiday.

But every single day of the year!

Housebusters sincerely appreciates those who serve our nation, state and local communities.  This is one small way we can say, “Thank you!” to those who serve us all.

How can you take advantage of this discount if you’re a member of the military, a veteran or first responder?  Simply inform us when you schedule an appointment, whether you’re booking online or calling us at 800-847-3500 to schedule!

Thank you for your service!



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