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“On the side”

We’ve all hired someone who does work “on the side.”

What this means is that he or she has a full-time job. It also means that he or she does other work on evenings and weekends — on the side.

Hiring a part-time painter might be a good idea as long as you’re able to monitor his or her work. Hiring a part-time home inspector when buying a home isn’t a wise choice.

Buying a home isn’t the time to “roll the dice” with a part-time inspector.

After all, a home is likely your family’s biggest investment. Buying the “right” home can provide your family with years of happiness. Buying a home with major issues can result in years of aggravation and tens of thousands of dollars in expensive and unforeseen repairs.

Part-time home inspectors typically do the absolute minimum to maintain their certifications. Working a full-time job and performing home inspections in the evenings or on their days off leaves part-time home inspectors little time to stay up on the latest codes and construction methods. A part-time home inspector may miss issues a full-time inspector will easily recognize.

Many full-time inspectors have performed thousands of inspections. The most experienced inspectors have seen anything one can ever see in a home. A full-time inspector has taken dozens of continuing education courses over a period of years. As this is a full-time inspector’s only profession, he or she is committed to being the best. A full-time inspector has made the financial and time commitment that a part-time inspector can’t or won’t.

When buying a home and hiring a home inspector, insist on hiring a full-time inspector. Housebusters has now performed well over 15,000 inspections since 1990! Yes, we are a full-time inspection services company!

Call us at 800-847-3500 if you would like to learn more or to schedule any of our inspection services (i.e., home inspection, septic test, well water test, mold test, pest inspection, etc.). We clearly are your one-stop shop for all inspection services. You can also book online.


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