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Do your research!

This past week, I starting looking around for new tires for one of my vehicles. I began researching tire brands and narrowed down my choices. I certainly didn’t want to purchase “cheap” tires. I wanted to purchase the longest-lasting, best-performing tires for my hard-earned dollars. Of course, I also wanted to purchase tires that would be safe for me and my family.

I suggest you do the same type of research when hiring a home inspector.

From inspector to inspector, price may vary a little, but not a lot. What you’re paying for when you hire a home inspector is his or her experience, training and qualifications. This will vary significantly among home inspectors.

Believe it or not, a part-time home inspector who has performed very few inspections will cost clients about the same as a full-time home inspector who has performed thousands of inspections. But just as buying the cheapest set of tires isn’t a good idea, selecting a home inspector based solely on price is also a terrible idea. After all, a house purchase is likely your family’s biggest investment — likely hundreds of times more than a set of tires! You will want to “kick the tires” on your home inspector by talking to him or her, and by checking online reviews.

Call Housebusters at 800-847-3500 to learn more about our qualifications and experience. We are always happy to talk to current clients and former clients, as well as those who are in the processing of selecting a home inspector.

Do your research!







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