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Our latest GREAT reviews

We thought we would share our latest, GREAT recommendations — one from Facebook and one from a Google review. These are just two of DOZENS and DOZENS of “five-star reviews” we’ve received online.

This is what we strive to do for all of our valued clients. This review speaks volumes about the type of business we’ve built since 1990!

I highly recommend Housebusters Inspection Services! I called to schedule an inspection on Tuesday morning and Charles inspected the potential property by 8 a.m. Thursday morning! He immediately sent me a file of pictures after the inspection. I had my full, detailed inspection reports by Saturday! Charles is very thorough and knowledgeable! He keeps in touch with you every step of the way. Charles made it very clear that he was working for me & nobody else!!! His job was to protect me & my family. Housebusters made it easy from start to finish. With their technology, it’s easy to schedule your inspection and pay your invoice online. Charles & his wife, Rose, are very professional! Charles makes sure to explain any issues in detail. He not only explains the issues but also tells you how to remedy the problem & approximately how much it will cost. He was a real lifesaver! If you are considering skipping on a home inspection, DON’T!!!! I will definitely use Housebusters again for my next property! They are so worth the money you will spend! Thanks Charles & Rose!

Here’s a review from a Navy vet. Yes, we look out for our valued clients!

I really can’t say anything that anybody hasn’t said before except that my personal feelings are that Charlie and Rose are the most fantastic people I’ve ever talk to he represents the buyer and provides a very impartial detailed report. We are moving from Oregon to West Virginia and Charlie is doing a fantastic job being our eyes and ears. Rose has been very helpful and going the extra yard and helping us. As we say in the Navy bravo Zulu meaning good job from the Navy vet. The first house we had him inspect he presented us more pictures than our realtor and helped us understand that we are being duped by the interior pictures and Charlie pointed out critical safety issues and I’d be surprised if that house doesn’t burn down. Charlie is this afternoon doing an inspection for another house that we’re interested in and we’ll see how that one pans out.

Isn’t this the level of professionalism and detail you should demand for every home inspection?


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