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Save time, save money with Housebusters!

Not only can Housebusters save you time when you’re buying a home, but we can also save you money.

With one call to 800-847-3500, you can schedule all of the inspection services and tests needed or wanted when buying a home. Yes, you can schedule them all with Housebusters!

We offer a discount every day for every service we provide to active military, veterans, police, firefighters and other first responders. We value your service to our nation, our state and communities! You serve us all so Housebusters is proud to serve you!

And since we can perform all of the tests and inspections needed to purchase a home with a single appointment (i.e., home inspection, septic, well water, mold, radon, foundation, pest, etc.), we can typically save you money. Why schedule several inspectors and several appointments, when you can schedule just one appointment with the area’s most experienced inspector?

Housebusters strives to go the “extra mile” for our clients with every inspection. We provide our clients with sage advice about repairs and home additions because of our extensive construction experience. We explain “why” an issue occurred and “how” to fix it in the most cost-efficient manner. This advice can often save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.

Here’s one of our latest reviews, from Amanda:

Charles/Housebusters summed up in one word: INVALUABLE. Charles saved us upwards of $40,000 (in unnecessary “fixes” ) and gave us peace of mind to move forward with our forever home purchase. This gentleman knows his stuff and wants to make sure you are educated on his findings, what is causing the issue, and how to fix it.

If you would like to save time and money, contact Housebusters at 800-847-3500. You can also book online!




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