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What Are You REALLY Paying for with a Home Inspection?

When you pay for a home inspection, you are essentially paying for your inspector’s experience, qualifications and training.

While the price of a home inspection may vary slightly among home inspectors, the expertise and experience you are paying for can be like “night and day.”


Many Home Inspectors Are Part-Time

Many home inspectors today are part-time inspectors who participate in a training course, pay a licensing fee and are then able to advertise as “home inspectors.” Many have limited experience as an inspector or in building construction.


Housebusters Is a Full-Time Inspection Services Company!

Compare this level of commitment by most part-time inspectors to the strong commitment, extensive experience and prestigious qualifications of Housebusters and Charles Roskovensky:

  • We are a full-time inspection services company.
  • We took a course to become a home inspector.
  • We have extensive experience in residential and commercial construction as a former General Contractor.
  • We are ASHI-Certified, which means that we were required to submit inspection reports for review by some of the top home inspectors in the country when we began our career. It also means that we adhere to the highest ethical standards in the industry.
  • We have performed nearly 15,000 inspections since 1990.
  • We have taken additional training courses pertaining to mold, “Aging in Place” and “Healthy Homes.”
  • We have actually trained home inspectors all over the nation.
  • We have led energy efficiency training courses for home builders.
  • We have done extensive research on historic and older homes.


Contact Housbusters!

While Housebusters may not always be the cheapest home inspection around, we know we provide the best value in home inspections and other inspection services (septic, well water, mold, foundation, radon, pest, etc.) because of our extensive experience and qualifications.

  • In addition to providing a detailed inspection report, we encourage you to attend your home inspection — and are happy to talk with you as we walk through the home. We will patiently answer all of your questions!
  • Are you thinking about adding on to your home?  Because of our extensive construction experience, we are happy to share information about how you can add square footage in the most cost-efficient, and energy-efficient manner possible — and in a way that will add the most value to your home.
  • Are you searching for ways to save money on your monthly utility bills?  We are happy to share our knowledge about energy efficiency with you as we perform your home inspection!

To take advantage of this extensive experience and qualifications when purchasing a home, call Housebusters at 800-847-3500 or book online.







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