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When Is Mold A Problem?

When Is Mold a Problem?

Since man has been on this earth, he has lived with mold.  Mold has always been found in man’s environment, in caves where man lived, in primitive structures, log cabins and probably even in the wagons that crossed America’s prairies.

Mold is not a problem unless you’re allergic or if toxic mold is present.  Even if you’re allergic to mold, chances are that you are allergic to specific types of mold – and not all mold.


What Symptoms Indicate Mold May Be Present?

People allergic to mold typically have allergy, cold or flu-like symptoms that may linger for weeks or months.  These symptoms include sneezing; cough or postnasal drip; itchy nose, throat or eyes; and a runny or stuffy nose.  Mold allergies can also trigger asthma, resulting in wheezing, shortness of breath and even chest tightness.

Exposure to toxic mold will produce  different symptoms. These symptoms include memory problems to chronic sinus infections, balance issues and even morning stiffness/joint pain.

Once mold is removed from their homes, people suffering from symptoms for mold allergies or toxic mold often see their symptoms mysteriously disappear.


What Is Toxic Mold?

Molds that are toxic produce toxins called mycotoxins.  These toxins can be ingested through contaminated food or inhaled or absorbed by the skin.  If left untreated for long periods, toxic mold can even cause death through a variety of diseases.  According to some research, chronic exposure to mycotoxins can even cause cancer!


When Is a Mold Test Needed?

If you notice a musty smell when you enter your home after the doors and windows have been closed for several hours, you may want to have your home tested for mold.  In many cases, a homeowner may have become so accustomed to the musty smell that he or she may no longer notice it.  An experienced home inspector, though, will notice this musty smell immediately!

If you or members of your family experience any of the symptoms associated with mold allergies or toxic mold, you may want to have your home tested.


What Is a Mold Test?

A mold test consists of taking two or three air samples taken inside a home, compared to an air sample collected outside of the home — a “control” sample.  As mold is present in the environment, comparing indoor air samples with an outside, control sample helps to determine if mold is growing inside the home or is simply making its way into a home from the outside air.

Once the samples are taken, they are sent to a certified laboratory, which will not only identify levels for both indoor and control samples, but will also identify the types and levels of mold found. High levels of certain molds may not be problematic unless a person living in the home has mold allergies.


Call Housebusters

You can trust Housebusters Inspection Services to perform accurate, through mold tests.  We are not a mold remediation company, which means that we don’t have a financial interest in finding mold in your home.

Our only interest is helping you to accurately identify if mold is present, what levels are present and what types of mold are found.

Call us at 800-847-3500 to schedule a mold inspection or any of our inspection services!  You can also schedule online.

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