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Informing vs. scaring clients

What’s the difference between a home inspector who informs clients and one who scares them?


Housebusters informs clients

Here’s an example of how Housebusters strives to educate and inform our clients about mold.

Housebusters provides a free mold assessment with every home inspection. This means we will identify areas of potential mold growth — and much more!

We advise clients if additional testing is warranted. If¬†testing (additional cost) proves mold is present, we advise clients about the kinds and levels of mold present. We also advise clients about potential next steps. These next steps may include cleaning up the mold, according to EPA guidelines. (Yes, in most cases, homeowners can clean up the mold themselves!) We will also identify exactly where the mold was found. Because of our extensive construction and home inspection experience, we also advise clients what they can do to control excess moisture. After all, without moisture, mold cannot grow. Steps to remove excess moisture and prevent future mold growth may include doing a little landscaping around the home to channel water away from the home’s foundation.


Other inspectors may do more to scare clients

Here’s a real-world example of how some other inspectors may scare clients using the same issue of mold as an example.

A homeowner or home buyer orders a home inspection. The inspector suspects mold and asks to do a “swab test” (additional cost) to confirm if mold is present. The inspector cites the identification of mold in the home, but fails to detail in his or her report exactly where the mold is found. The scared homeowner or home buyer contacts a mold remediation company. The company searches for hours to find the mold, finally identifying a small area of growth. After spending a couple hours at the home, the remediation company charges a few hundred dollars to clean up a small area of mold that could have been cleaned up by the homeowners or home buyer themselves.

Yes, this really happened!


The Housebusters’ difference

Housbusters strives to educate and inform, and we always go the extra mile for our valued clients. We want our clients to understand what is found during their inspection, but also how to resolve issues in the most cost-effective manner. Now you can understand the Housbusters’ difference!

Call us at 1-800-847-3500 to schedule a home inspection or any other inspection service (i.e., septic, well water, radon, pest, etc.). You can also schedule online!

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